Hit It!® Kickbox and Hit It!® P.O.W.E.R.

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Led by National Master trainer Constance Contursi Barker, Hit It!® Kickbox, will provide exercise results as you exercise to the beat of the hottest dance music around. A high-energy class that fuses cardio-kickboxing and nightlife culture, Kevin Barker (DJ KJ®) makes you really sweat while mixing motivation and fueling your workout!

Hit It!® Kickbox takes a unique approach to fitness focusing on effectiveness and results. Basic boxing, kickboxing and tae-kwon do moves are used in the class content MINUS the fluff and dance moves! Learn to teach a fun, dynamic result-oriented class that caters to both women AND men! Join the Hit It!® Family and learn how to go from good to Great!

The hottest cardio, resistance training and core combo class around!

The Hit It!® P.O.W.E.R. class format is a cardiovascular, resistance and core based interval style conditioning class incorporating moves derived from boxing and MMA training. This class is designed to be an intense full body conditioning class which can totally reshape the entire body.

Get Trained! The Hit It!® P.O.W.E.R. Instructor Training Program is designed to teach fitness instructors how to properly use Power Punch Gloves in a multitude of ways. Power Fight Gear has developed the best tool possible for amplifying the intensity of every workout & Power Punch Gloves!

Power Punch Gloves are a mixed martial arts (MMA) glove with a removable resistance attachment in the back of the hand that can be attached to resistance bands.

Power Punch Gloves are designed to allow users to get a resisted exercise while they are still able to strike bags and mitts as normal. The resistance attachment is removable so the gloves can be used for regular training as well.