We offer in-person and virtual programs based on every need and budget.
If you're interested in touring the studio and sitting down with the owner, Constance will gladly have a conversation with you to make sure you feel comfortable and both mutually feel like a good fit.
No pressure. No sales tactics. Just honest genuine feedback and advice.

Looking for a fitness studio that gets YOU? We understand that not every workout has to be killer tough. You should never be in pain post-workout. We offer Badass Boxing and Bootcamps but we also offer PAUSE Combat Class for women over 40. We offer Breakup Bootcamp whether you're detoxing from a toxic relationship or sugar or breaking up with your unhealthy habits, we have you covered... and if you are angry come release it in Rage Release where you get to hit, punch and slam things because homicide is never a good option 🙂 Gain strength, confidence and more muscle tone in our HardBODY classes and Stretch those overused tight muscles in our Athlete Yoga and Core + Stretch Classes!

Always wanted to learn to dance? If you can walk, we can teach you to dance! Salsa, Bachata and Cumbia classes are available No partner or experience necessary.
Make friends and meet out at some of the local salsa clubs regularly to practice your new moves!


Need a coach that will help you to understand nutrition and stick to a program that works? Need ideas for tasty meals, cooking lessons or just don’t have the time to do it all yourself? We offer nutrition coaching based on your needs and budget.


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We specialize in working with kids that have no desire to stay active as well as athletes who need to work on their speed, agility, coordination and core strength. Boxing training teaches kids discipline and gives them a major confidence boost. We run ongoing monthly sessions for kids ages 7+ (boxing) and tweens/teens 13+ (boxing +weightlifting 101)

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To Fit To Be Tied

Too Fit To Be Tied

Health isn’t always about physically working out. You can never be truly healthy if you are putting unhealthy, inflammatory foods in your body or allowing unhealthy individuals to suck your energy and drain your soul. Sometimes the first step to getting physically and emotionally clean is the hardest.

Many people think ‘Narcissist’ is just a character trait we use for significant others that we have discarded or that have discarded us. Narcissism is a personality disorder. Its diagnosable and untreatable. Being in a relationship with a narc can be wonderful and at times pure hell when you start to see the ebbs and flow of the cycle of abuse that occurs. Narcs wear a mask and over time the mask starts to come off. You think it’s your fault, you blame yourself. Some of us are lucky enough to find our voice, see our true worth, get out, move on and find happiness. Many of us need to heal or just be heard. We are proud to offer our online Facebook group for support. Check out our Podcast "Too Fit To be Tied” on Apple Music OR Spotify. Please contact Constance for further info.

Hit It!® Fitness Elmwood Park Studio

..The music starts and I feel a rush of adrenaline! - Natalie N

...Worth every penny!! - Kelly

A class is only as good as its leader and Constance you are the best! - Tom T