Halloween Candy Craze

Halloween is just around the corner and we just trained a client who admitted that she has already consumed half of her Halloween candy…in one sitting!

Ok, people…we need to get serious. Here are some tips to help you avoid the Halloween Candy Craze…

1. Do not buy candy until Halloween!

It will help you avoid those late night sneak attacks where “just one” turns into 5 pieces.

2. Don’t buy YOUR favorite candy!

Our favorite is definitely Snickers…so we purchase the stuff we know we WON’T touch ..that way we won’t have an urge to eat it!

3. Try a healthier alternative!


4. Donate!

When the kids come home with barrels of candy, allow them to keep half and donate the rest to a food bank! Or bring them to work and fatten up your co-workers (then buy them a Hit It!™ Kickbox DVD…they’ll need it)

5. Remember…the holidays are around the corner and most of us GAIN weight from all the parties and social drinking/eating. Don’t start the madness NOW in October! Good luck and step away from the candy!