Testimonials From Our Hit It!® Fitness Family!

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Chessa Calabrese“I was hooked from day one and now I’ve been a member for over 2 years. I have always enjoyed working out, but this place took it to a whole new level. The instructors are amazing, and you get a personalized experience, even in the group classes. The camaraderie is truly special.”
Chessa Calabrese

Cindy Lund“The smaller studio allows everyone to get to know each other and we are all a big, happy family! What I like most is that no 2 classes are ever the same! Hit It Fitness changed my life (and my husband’s). I’ll forever be grateful that I found this gem!”
Cindy Lund

Vanessa Cabrera“As a single mom, I am so grateful to Hit It for offering amazing daycare! I’ve been kickboxing for years, and never found a class as fun and as challenging as Constance’s class. The staff clearly loves what they do and I’ve made life-long friends here. It’s really a special place, and I’m so blessed to have found it.”
Vanessa Cabrera

Cat Bellizi (Kitty Cat)“The kickbox foremat is what drew me in. It was unlike any other class I’ve ever taken. And then meeting the people at Hit It is what kept me there! I’ve lost the baby weight and I really owe it to everyone who I work out with and the instructors. Everyone is so supportive, so inspiring… it’s awesome!”
Cat Bellizi (Kitty Cat)

Katie Costianis“Best workout ever! Awesome trainers and fun upbeat music. You almost forget you’re working out! Be prepared to be sore and see big changes in your body. I’m a chiropractor and I tell all my patients to come here. You’ll love it!”
Katie Costianis

Brett Balmer“Love, love, love Hit It! I became a member after my first class, as soon as they opened. I now take 7 classes/week (over 5 days). Workouts are always challenging and are never the same. Instructors are all great & are the reason their members are so enthusiastic & committed. Thank you!”
Brett Balmer