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Greek Salad Lettuce Wraps

By admin / January 20, 2018 /

How many times have you heard from the trainers at Hit It!® Fitness that you need more greens in your diet? Probably a million. Salads get old fast, we get it. So why not use romaine leaves as a carb-free way to wrap some heart healthy proteins and fats?! This Greek salad wrap is not…

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Ask The Trainer-Cleanses

By admin / January 6, 2018 /

Ask the trainer- Cleanses Q: Cleanses? Are they good or bad for you? Is there a great cleanse that you can recommend? -Hit It!® Fitness Roselle Member A: I do NOT believe that cleanses are beneficial, especially if you work out. I do think our bodies have a natural way of cleaning itself, and getting…

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