5 Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss

It’s almost April and we are all looking for ways to trim down for bikini season, right? If you are considering a “diet”, do yourself and your pocketbook a favor and EAT CLEAN! TRAIN DIRTY! That my friends is the secret. If I hear someone tell me they are buying into a nutrition program that some “fitness pro” is selling them I will scream! Any personal trainer trying to sell you a nutrition program should lose their certification AND they actually can…” It is the position of the American Council on Exercise (ACE) that it is outside the defined scope of practice of a fitness professional to recommend, prescribe, sell, or supply nutritional supplements to clients. Recommending supplements without possessing the requisite qualifications (e.g., R.d.) can place the client’s health at risk and possibly expose the fitness professional to disciplinary action and litigation” Here are our top 5 nutrition tips for actually losing weight this year and keeping it off!

1. Calories in= Calories out doesn’t actually work in the long run. Eating a 1400 calorie diet of big macs and fries will not get you to your goal. Eating a 1400 -3000 calorie diet (see how many calories should I be eating blog) in clean, real and nutrient based foods will!

2. Eat REAL food. Watch your carbs, fats, and sugars and increase protein!

3. Hire a personal trainer that doesn’t just work you out but actually helps you with nutrition and eating clean (NO diet plans!)

4. The number on the scale means nothing. Some of the fittest bodies weigh WAY more than you would think. If you want a “toned” body, you can’t expect to weigh 100 lbs. Feed muscle not fat. Ask yourself next time you want that pizza or cookie, am I feeding muscle or fat? You know the answer!