Ask The Trainer- Cardio

One of our new members at Hit It!® Fitness in Oak Park asks…

How much cardio should I be doing a day? Should I partner cardio with another type of exercise?

Dear Member,

Depending on your fitness level and goals would determine how much is appropriate for you to do.  If you are a beginner, I suggest doing 2-3 times a week modifying as much as you need. Doing once per week will only feel like torture and not give your body the consistency it needs to adapt and adjust.  If you have been working our consistently for 3 months or more, 4- 6 days a week would be a nice boost to get you the results you may be looking for depending on your goals.  Allow a rest day for your muscles to recover.

Partnering cardio with another format:

Combining resistance training/strength training with cardio is the most effective but Beware of classes that market their resistance training as HIIT (high intensity interval training)… or feel like a cardio class.  In order to truly tone and define you need a solid strength training program that progresses and changes with you and your needs. Hit It!® HardBODY Extreme is a class unlike any other. We target specific muscle groups each class and incorporate heavy lifting techniques and principles with lower reps. It truly shocks and changes your body. This class is taught by experienced trainers and coaches proficient and educated in strength and resistance training methods. Check out our schedules HERE.