Cardio or Weights?

The Hit It!® Fitness Studio in Oak Park and Roselle, IL was designed to house multiple formats under one roof and that’s just what we did. Our studio can be a one-stop fitness shop without having to be a member of multiple studios or even a gym. One of the various formats that we pride ourselves on is our HardBODY classes. You won’t find a more solid resistance training class in any other studio and that’s because we have experienced personal trainers that have countless hours of experience getting people results. We take our expertise from working with one-on-one clients and apply it in a group setting. Being certified as trainers and group fitness professionals give us an edge above many other pros out there PLUS the owners of the studio are continuing education providers. In other words, they train other trainers out there so we can guarantee you are getting the best-of-the best at Hit It!® Fitness.

If you are considering starting an exercise program or finding your current routine just isn’t working, re-evaluate what you are doing. Are you CONSISTENTLY involved in a rigorous cardiovascular AND weight training program? One of the many questions we get from new members is, should I take cardio classes or resistance?….

The answer is both!  If you are looking to lose weight, it is essential to incorporate both cardiovascular exercise AND resistance training into your regimen.

Many people think its smarter to lose the weight they desire through cardio training then plan to “tone” through strength training later.  The fact is that a body with more muscle will burn up more calories throughout the day…even at rest.. and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be burning calories sitting on the couch?!