Friends+ Fitness= Success:

The great thing about Hit It!® Fitness in Roselle and Oak Park, IL is that we are NOT an intimidating big box gym. You can feel comfortable jumping into a class as a first timer and getting warmly welcomed by our students! Nobody “saves” their fav spot in class and everyone sweats and mutters swear words to the instructors together under their breath (in Roselle, they do it loud. really loud)…as a team!
For those of you, STILL not willing to brave the fitness journey alone, bringing a friend can and does has it’s benefits. Here are some tips on how a best bud can help YOU!
Find a fabulous fitness friend to keep yourself motivated and interested during long workouts at the gym. The buddy system is one of the first things we’re taught as little half-sized people, and it can be used for more than just bathroom breaks and selling girl scout cookies. Working out with a cunning cardio companion can boost your performance in many different ways. Here are the top three reasons why you need to get with a balanced breathing buddy, like, right now:
1. Special stretching soulmates can help pass the time. There will be no more of that looking-at-your-watch-every-three-seconds behavior once you start working out in pairs, because you’ll never want it to end! Hanging out with friends is the best!
2. You’ve got someone to keep tabs on you. If you’re planning on doing a secret cheat-week behind everyone’s back, your persistent pushup pal will know and ask you politely to pull yourself together to meet her for class in 5 because she needs her partner in crime.
3. When you and your hardworking gal pal (or boy) reach your short or long-term goals, you guys can celebrate together with a night out! You can get your nails done, go hit the movies, or walk around the mall and even buy a new wardrobe for your new bod! Or, for the guys, you dudes can hit the shops, get yourselves some new hats, watch some sports, or whatever you boys like. You’ve earned it!