Fruit Showdown

The Hit It!® Fitness staff in Roselle and Oak Park, IL know that not all fruits are created equally.  Some have more sugars, carbohydrates and calories than others, so we want to give you nutritional information on 3 popular fruits.

1)  Apples – 100 calories, 19g of sugar and 25g of carbohydrates, and a good source of soluble fiber which helps in controlling blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.  It is also said that because it involves so much chewing, it may make you feel more satisfied after eating.

2) Bananas – This popular fruit is about 105 calories, has 14g of sugar and 27g of carbohydrates.  Bananas are full of Potassium at 422mg, which is an essential nutrient for our body to function.  This fruit is a good fuel for a pre-workout snack and a great add to your favorite post-workout protein shake.

3) Oranges – 60 calories, 12g of sugar and 15g of carbohydrates this fruit is a perfect low calorie option for those watching their calorie intake. Everyone knows that oranges are high in Vitamin C, but did you also know oranges are a good source of calcium and folates? Immune boosting and low calories make Oranges a top choice.