Healthy Holiday Tips

Hit It!® Fitness Trainers in Roselle and Oak Park, IL know we won’t be seeing any food journals on Thanksgiving. It’s okay to indulge a little, but most people gain 1 or more pounds over these next 2 months. The Holiday season shouldn’t sabotage your weight, so here are some healthy tips to keep in mind before the Holiday parties begin!!

1) Exercise – In the weeks and days leading up to the Holidays, exercise even more than you normally do. If you take 3 classes at Hit It!® Fitness a week, bump it up to 5 classes a week!

2) Join our Maintain Campaign (there is still time)
to hold  yourself accountable over the Holidays!

3) Eat Breakfast – Even though you think you should save all your calories for your Holiday meals, it will actually cause you to eat way more than you normally would. So eat a protein packed breakfast to keep yourself feeling satisfied.

4) Lighten up your dish – If you are in charge of preparing a dish for the Holidays, lighten it up by using less fats, less sugars and less sodium. Note: Greek yogurt can make mashed potatoes, casseroles and creamy dips still taste delish.

5) Walk away from Aunt Ethel’s Green Bean Casserole!

6) Opt for white meat instead of dark and most importantly avoid the skin!

7) If your plate looks like Mt. Everest because it’s piled high with food, you have too much!!

8) Watch out for the spiked spiced cider drinks, the amount of sugar in 8oz will blow your mind!!

9) Drink water – The more you drink the less calories you will consume … go ahead try it!

10) You have enough carbs on your plate, put the dinner roll down!!

11) If your cranberry has rings on it, it came from a can and that’s just gross. Make your own cranberry sauce!

12) Focus on spending time with family and friends and not center your Holidays around the food!

13) Don’t spend the day after a Holiday party resting from your food coma, get right back to your exercise routine.

14) Don’t make your New Years Resolution to lose weight or get healthy because you have already used that one for the last 5 years. Saying this just enables you to overindulge because January 1st you hit reset … don’t fall victim to this!

15) Do something for others – Change up some of your traditional Holiday parties by giving or helping others! There are many organizations that you can donate your time too this Holiday Season!

Happy Healthy Holidays!!!