Sugar is the enemy!

Is sugar sabotaging your health?:
The trainers at Hit It!® Fitness in Oak Park and Roselle, IL say it ALL the time… It’s yummy and satisfying (for 5 minutes), but it truly does you no good! Read our top 20 reasons why sugar is not good for your health.
1) Sugar can suppress the immune system. You can’t workout if you are sick!
2) Sugar can contribute to diabetes. Who wants that?!
3) Sugar can cause signs of premature aging. There goes that fountain of youth!
4) Sugar contributes to the reduction of the body’s defense against bacterial infection.
5) Sugar feeds cancer cells which may lead to cancer of the breast, ovaries intestines and prostate.
6) Sugar interferes with the absorption of calcium and magnesium. We need our healthy bones to workout!
7) Sugar contributes to obesity. This epidemic has to be stopped
8) Sugar can cause appendicitis.
9) Sugar can lead to heart disease.
10) Sugar lowers the enzymes’ ability to function.
11) Sugar can cause free radicals in the blood stream.
12) Sugar can contribute to sagging skin by changing the structure of collagen.. No thank you!!
13) Sugar can cause food allergies.
14) Sugar can interfere with absorption of protein. Protein is important in building and maintaining muscle!
15) Sugar can cause migraine headaches. Can’t listen to a DJ pumping tunes with a migraine!
16) Sugar can increase cholesterol.
17) Sugar can decrease growth hormones.
18) Sugar can contribute to osteoporosis. The exact opposite of why we workout!
19) Sugar can contribute to varicose veins. No more mini skirts!
20) Sugar can sabotage your fitness goals. Don’t waste your workouts and goals on this sugary enemy!