Swapping Produce for Carbs

While I’m all for enjoying carbs, loading up on bread products isn’t the best tactic if you’re trying to drop pounds. See how many calories you’ll save by making these easy bread swaps with fruit and veggies. Check out these great substitutions.

Breakfast Swap:
Swap an apple for bread
One medium apple = 93 calories
One whole wheat English muffin – 130 calories
Calories saved = 37!

Lunch Swap:
Use spinach or swisschard leaves for your sandwich instead of a wrap.
Six spinach leaves = 14 calories
One whole wheat wrap = 130 calories
Calories saved = 116!

Snack Swap:
Slip crackers and use cucumber slices instead.
1/4 cucumber (about 6 slices) = 11 calories
6 Triscuit crackers = 120 calories
Calories saved – 109!

Dinner Swap:
In your favorite lasagna recipe, use tender spaghetti squash instead of whole wheat pasta.
One serving gluten-free cheesy veggie “pasta” bake = 208 calories
One serving of vegetable lasagna – 314 calories
Calories saved = 106!

Dinner Swap:
Swap a side of sauteed spinach for a side of mashed potatoes.
1 cup sauteed spinach = 41 calories
1 sup mashed potatoes = 237 calories
Calories saved = 196!

Dessert Swap:
Instead of cookies, go for fruit and chocolate!!
Two chocolate covered strawberries = 89 calories
Two homemade chocolate chip cookies = 178 calories
Calories saved = 89!