Thanksgiving Turkey


Thanksgiving is this Thursday and the talk of fried turkey is circulating. Clients are worried they’ll blow their diet with their host/hostess’ menu plan..Here’s the scoop…

A 5.9 ounce serving of FRIED turkey is 383 calories / 21 grams of fat

A 5.0 ounce serving of ROASTED turkey is 322 calories / 16 grams of fat

3 ounce serving of white meat = 133 calories / 2.7 grams of fat

3 ounce serving of dark meat= 159 calories / 6.1 grams of fat

Here’s a word of advice:

Don’t eat the skin and stick to white meat. Whether it’s roasted turkey or fried, the main thing to worry about are the side dishes and desserts served up! Fill yourself up on protein packed turkey, load up on salads and fresh veggies and “taste” the sides and desserts. You’ll feel satisfied physically and mentally. Nothing is worse than that carb-filled coma and guilty feeling of Thanksgiving Day gluttony!

Happy and Healthy Eating to All!