The Blast Fat Rules


At our Hit It!® Fitness Roselle and Hit It!® Fitness Oak Park locations we desire to see our members transform their bodies and feel good about themselves. Working out on a regular basis is just part of getting rid of fat, here are some rules to follow if you are looking to blast fat this holiday season to get prepared for the new year.


Rule 1: Drink a large glass of water before every meal

Rule 2: Don’t drink your calories. If you like coffee, drink it black. No sodas, sweetened teas or milkshakes!

Rule 3: Eat protein at every meal – or stay flabby and crabby

Rule 4: Slash your intake of refined flours and grains

Rule 5: Eat fiber! It will keep you full!

Rule 6: Eat Fruits and veggies. EVERY DAY NO EXCEPTIONS!

Rule 7: Learn to read food labels and eat REAL CLEAN foods

Rule 8: Stop guessing about portion size and get it right- use a smaller plate and fill up on more veggies!

Rule 9: No more added sweeteners, including artificial ones

Rule 10: Get rid of bread and pasta- substitute for brown rice or quinoa

Rule 11: Absolutely no fast foods or fried foods

Rule 12: Eat a real breakfast- try veggies with 2 egg whites and  1/4 avocado or piece of turkey sausage!

Rule 13: Make your own food and do not dine out more than 2x per week- that includes lunches!

Rule 14: Eat your vegetables – <strong>Just Do It! </strong>Try juicing or smoothies!

Rule 15: Get enough sleep!

Rule 16: Plan one splurge meal a week…not one splurge day, just one meal! Not an entire day!