The Blast Fat Rules

The Blast Fat Rules according to Hit It!® Fitness, Roselle/Oak Park IL

Rule 1: Drink a large glass of water before every meal

Rule 2: Don’t drink your calories. If you like coffee, drink it black. No sodas, sweetened teas or milkshakes!

Rule 3: Eat protein at every meal – or stay flabby and crabby

Rule 4: Slash your intake of refined flours and grains

Rule 5: Eat fiber! It will keep you full!

Rule 6: Eat Fruits and veggies. EVERY DAY NO EXCEPTIONS!

Rule 7: Learn to read food labels and how to count calories..try or the Fitbit!

Rule 8: Stop guessing about portion size and get it right- use a smaller plate and fill up on more veggies!

Rule 9: No more added sweeteners, including artificial ones

Rule 10: Get rid of those white potatoes and pasta- substitute for brown rice or quinoa

Rule 11: Absolutely no fast foods or fried foods

Rule 12: Eat a real breakfast- try whole wheat toast with 2 egg whites and  1/4 avocado or piece of turkey sausage!

Rule 13: Make your own food and do not dine out more than 2x per week- that includes lunches!

Rule 14: Eat your vegetables- Just Do It! Try juicing!

Rule 15: Get enough sleep!

Rule 16: Plan one splurge meal a week…not one splurge day, just one meal! Not an entire day!